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        Jiangsu Wansheng Dawei Chemical Co.,Ltd (the former: Zhangjiagang City Dawei Assistants Industry Co.,Ltd) was acquired by Shanghai A stock listed company: Wansheng Company LTD in 2015, and becomes the 100% subsidiary company of Wansheng. The registered capital of Jiangsu Wansheng Dawei Chemical Co.,Ltd is 100 million RMB. This project started to build in 2015, owns 100,000 M2 land, with designed annual capacity 45,000 MT fatty Amines, locates at Taixing economic development zone in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. The first stage of the project started to produce products in May, 2018, and it is becoming one of the largest special fatty amine producers in Asia.

        Jiangsu Wansheng Dawei Chemical Co.,Ltd focus on R&D, Production and Sales of special fatty amines, who is also the largest N-Octyl amine and 2-ethylhexyl amine manufactures in Asia. Fatty amine is a kind of very important product for both basic oil industry and fine chemicals, and is widely used in industrial fungicide, rare metal extraction, pesticide solvent, PU catalyst, oil additive, electronic chemicals and personal care chemicals. Company is believing in “Safety, Environmental, excellent and Innovative” and insisting on “Sustainable Development, People Care, Team Work, Achievement Sharing”.



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